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About LPC

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Are you ready to make an Impact?

At little penguin creative, we believe our competitive advantages make us an ideal fit for each individual client:

  • We believe that each individual client deserves design that communicates seamlessly within the structure of your established identity and branding schemes. Our goal is not just to “make things pretty” (although we do it really well!), but also to make each piece we create stand out among your competition. Of course, we love to hear our clients talk about how much they love us and our design sense (who doesn’t love a pat on the back??). But what we love even MORE is to hear our clients talk about how much THEIR customers love THEM, their products, and their messaging.
  • We believe that each individual client deserves flawless execution that produces results. We work with each client on a highly-individualized basis to make sure that we know what you really want, from start to finish. And we take pride in going the “extra mile” to help lead your project to success as you envision it, without cutting corners or using “cookie-cutter” tactics.
  • We believe that each individual client deserves someone who understands that there is no “I” in “team.” Whether you are looking for digital media, print collateral, display design, or online content, we strive to learn as much as we can about each individual client’s industry, market, and needs, and then not only meet but exceed your expectations on EVERY project.

Are you ready to make an Impact?

How did Little Penguin Creative get started?

little penguin creative was founded in 2012 by Stacey Anderson, a freelance artist, graphic designer, and marketing consultant who specializes in providing custom artwork, innovative graphic design services; and business, marketing & creative solutions to help businesses reach their goals. With 15+ years in the marketing field and experience in designing custom artwork and graphic elements for both digital and print media, developing interactive websites and presentations, and providing one-on-one business and marketing support to help businesses thrive, little penguin creative fuses a passion for creative communication with years of experience and on-going education to help clients who want to make a difference in the world.

What kind of projects can you do?

little penguin creative specializes in providing custom artwork, innovative graphic design services; and business, marketing & creative solutions… which essentially means that little penguin creative can do a LOT of things… To break it down a little more into categories, some of our offerings include:

  • Custom Artwork
  • Graphic Design (both digital and print applications)
  • Marketing Consultation
  • Creative, Business, and Technical Writing, Proofreading & Editing
  • Business Identity & Branding
  • Social Media and Online Reputation Management
  • Presentation Creative, Design & Layout
  • Document Conversion Services
  • Microsoft Excel Custom Formatting, Formula Development & Database Cleanup
  • Form Design (for both digital and print applications)
  • WordPress Website Design & Management
how do I get started with a project?

If you have some basic idea of what kind of project you are looking at completing, the easiest way to start the ball rolling is to fill out our easy Request a Project Quote form. Once we receive your request, we will put together a quote that is customized for your individual project (no cookie-cutter approach here!) which we will send back to you, usually within 1-2 business days. Alternately, you can also drop us a call at 630-696-1987 and we would be happy to walk you through a quote on the phone.

Do you require payment up front?

For most projects, we require a signed contract of intent and a 30-50% non-refundable deposit at the time that we agree to take on the project. We have learned that having a formal contract and non-refundable deposit are imperative in creating a relationship of trust right off the bat – these things protect both you (as a Client) and us (as a Contracted Service Provider). The good news is that we always strive to impress our clients with the quality of work that you demand and deserve, and we will not require full payment until we are able to provide you with the final project deliverables that we had agreed to within the contract.

Does the little penguin mean anything?

As a mom of two children, Stacey draws a lot of creative inspiration from the world as her kids see it. When they were young and just learning to toddle around and discover their world, she often smiled watching them wobble around like little penguins. The image stuck long after both kids learned to walk (and then run!), and it seemed fitting to add the image to her business (which has also gone through a walking phase before it learned to run!).

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